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Globocan: Cancers World 2008
  Fast Stats
Healthy People 2020: The Road Ahead
  Healthy People 2020 will reflect assessments of major risks to health and wellness, changing public health priorities, and emerging issues related to our nation's health preparedness and prevention.
Helicobacter pylori infection in Africa and Europe: enigma of host genetics
  Helicobacter pylori infection is one of the most common bacterial infections. The prevalence varies from 25–50% in developed countries to 70–90% in the third world.
Helicobacter pylori Uses Motility for Initial Colonization and To Attain Robust Infection
  Many bacterial pathogens swim, but little is known about how these microbes use this ability when inside animal hosts. Motility is often driven by flagella, complex extracellular structures that require large amounts of energy for operation. A bacterium presumably benefits if it makes flagella only when needed and regulates their activity so as not to swim at random.
HIV Prevalence in a Gold Mining Camp in the Amazon Region, Guyana
  Abstract The prevalence of HIV infection among men in a gold mining camp in the Amazon region of Guyana was 6.5%. This high percentage of HIV infection provides a reservoir for the virus in this region, warranting immediate public health intervention to curb its spread. As malaria is endemic in the Amazon Basin (>30,000 cases/year), the impact of coinfection may be substantial.
HIV Testing Among Californians Aged 50-64, 2010
  Testing is critical for the prevention and care for the spread of HIV-1 among older adults, aged 50-64
HIV Testing in HRSA-Funded Health Center Sites: Routinue testing 13-64 years of age
  We did this study to determine the extent to which HRSA funded sites adopted four practices that CDC recommended: (1) routine HIV testing of all patients 13-64 years of age; (2) not requiring prevention counseling for all patients; (3) gaining patient consent for the HIV test in the same way as for other screening and diagnostic tests; and (4) providing HIV tests as standard, opt-out tests.
Hope for a Cure: HIV
  Danish scientists are hoping for results that will show that “finding a mass-distributable and affordable cure to HIV is possible
  A free collection of articles about hospitals published in The New York Times.
How Our Stone Age Bodies Struggle to Stay Healthy in Modern Times
  ... Diseases that occur because our bodies are poorly or inadequately adapted to environments in which we now live. An example would be eating large amounts of sugar or being very physically inactive leads to problems like diabetes or heart disease that then make us sick
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