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Obesity Is Mediated by Differential Aryl Hydrocarbon Receptor Signaling in Mice Fed a Western Diet
  Results: The Western diet differentially affected body size, body fat:body mass ratios, liver size and liver metabolism, and liver mRNA and miRNA profiles. The regular diet had no significant differential effects.

Pain Management: Orthopedics
  Georgia Bone and Joint Patient Education Library Georgia Bone & Joint, LLC is your source for the complete spectrum of musculoskeletal care. We combine the knowledge and experience of our board certified physicians and surgeons with the convenience of all the health and wellness practices at The Summit Healthplex. Georgia Bone & Joint offers an orthopaedic continuum of care unmatched in the south metro and west Georgia areas.
Persons Aged 50 and Older and HIV
  Many older adults are sexually active and thus are as vulnerable as younger persons to acquiring HIV through sexual transmission. A recent survey of sexual behavior among older adults showed that 73% of persons aged 57–64 had had sex during the past year, as had 53% of those aged 65–74 and 26% of those aged 75–85 [3]. Some older persons, compared with those who are younger, may be less knowledgeable about HIV/AIDS and therefore less likely to protect themselves. Many do not perceive themselves as at risk for HIV, do not use condoms, and do not get tested for HIV. HIV/AIDS in 2005 (based on data from 33 states with long-term, confidential name-based HIV reporting) Persons aged 50 and older accounted for 15% of new HIV/AIDS diagnoses [1] 24% of persons living with HIV/AIDS (increased from 17% in 2001) [1]
Piedmont Hospital Passes After Failed Health Inspection
  Piedmont Hospital failed a recent health inspection, but quickly cleaned up its act and passed Wednesday. After Wednesday's inspection, hospital spokesman Jim Taylor says the main cafeteria scored a 95 and the kitchen that serves patients improved to an 89. Earlier this month, the hospital cafeteria scored a 68 and the kitchen that serves patients scored a 61 out of a possible 100 points. By Amanda Moyer Atlanta, GA —
Piedmont West Surgery Center: 456 colonoscopy patients warned of infection risk HIV and Hepatitis B, C
  Public Health Issue: An Atlanta surgery center is warning 456 patients that their colonoscopies might have put them at risk of HIV and other diseases. Piedmont Healthcare has advised the patients that they should be tested for HIV as well as hepatitis B and hepatitis C. The concerns involve surgeries at Piedmont West Surgery Center on Howell Mill Road between May 2011 and mid-April 2013.
Prevalence of Obesity among U.S. workers
  ...Occupations in protective services were linked to the highest obesity rate, at 40.7 percent. The lowest obesity rates were tied to occupations in "life, physical and social science" (14.2 percent) and "art, entertainment and media" (20.1 percent).
Public Health Occupations
  PUBLIC HEALTH OCCUPATIONS There are many aspects of an occupation or career that are important to current and prospective public health workers. • Occupational classification: These are based on job titles and whether the duties of the job are primarily administrative, professional, technical, or supportive in nature. Public Health Occupations Career Category with Specific Public Health Titles Number Described Bureau of Labor Statistics Standard Occupational Categories Relevant for Public Health Public Health Administration • Health services manager • Public health agency director • Health officer Environmental and Occupational Health • Environmental engineer • Environmental health specialist (entry level) • Environmental health specialist (midlevel) • Environmental health specialist (senior level) • Occupational health and safety specialist Public Health Nursing • Public health nurse (entry level) • Public health nurse (senior level) • Licensed practical/vocational nurse Epidemiology and Disease Control • Disease investigator • Epidemiologist (entry level) • Epidemiologist (senior level) Public Health Education and Information • Public health educator (entry level) • Public health educator (senior level) • Public information officer Other Public Health Professionals • Public health nutritionist/dietician • Public health social, behavioral, and mental health workers • Public health laboratory workers • Public health physicians • Public health veterinarians • Public health pharmacists Health services manager/ administrator Environmental engineer Environmental engineering technician and technologist Environmental scientist and specialist Environmental science technician and technologist Occupational health and safety specialist Occupational health and safety technician Registered nurse Licensed practical/ vocational nurse Epidemiologist Statistician Health educator Public relations/public information/health communications/media specialist • Public health dental workers • Administrative law judge/hearing officer • Dietician/nutritionist • Dietetic technician • Medical and public health social worker • Mental health and substance abuse social worker • Mental health counselor Public Health Program Occupations • Public health program specialist/ coordinator • Public health emergency preparedness and response coordinator • Public health policy analyst • Public health information specialists • Community outreach and other technical occupations Substance abuse and behavioral disorder counselor Microbiologist Biochemist/biophysicist Medical and clinical laboratory technologist Medical and clinical laboratory technician Public health physician Public health veterinarian Public health pharmacist Public health dentist Administrative law judge/hearing officer Health practices have a variety of job titles associated with them. Similarly, the same job title can have a variety of regular duties and day-to-day responsibilities.
Purchases of Oxycodone Products by Practitioners, in dosage units, Jan - Jun 2010
  The 2010 Monitoring the Future study – a national survey on youth drug use – found that six of the top ten substances used by 12th graders were pharmaceuticals.
Qnexa Diet Pill
  There is in the works a product named Qnexa® that has been shown to reduce weight in its test patients by significant amounts. Vivus Inc is the company from California that has been experimenting with this combination drug for several years, where they have been fine tuning the amounts and release formulations to produce this trial diet pill.
Researchers Unravel a Secret of HIV Controllers
  Five amino acids—tiny fragments of a protein called HLA-B—are what separate an elite group of HIV-positive people who naturally do not progress to AIDS from those living with the virus who will invariably develop AIDS without lifelong antiretroviral treatment, according to an important paper published November 4 on the website of the journal Science.
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