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Carter Center Global Health Efforts Liberia
  Despite the Liberian government's strong commitment to improving access to health care, a lack of mental health expertise in the country has challenged the government's ambitious plans to dramatically expand the health infrastructure. With nowhere to go to receive care for depression, substance abuse, or posttraumatic stress disorder, many Liberians suffer needlessly and are stigmatized or discriminated against for having these highly treatable conditions. he overarching goal is to improve functioning in people with mental illnesses in the most populous counties of Liberia. The initiative is based in part on the Center's Ethiopia Public Health Training Initiative model.
Cell phones and radiation: The 10 highest- and lowest-emitting models
  (CNN) -- Cell phone users -- a group that, these days, means practically everybody -- are no doubt concerned about Tuesday's news that the World Health Organization (WHO) classifies cell phones as "possibly carcinogenic to humans."
Colorectal Cancer Screening
  Scientists are trying to better understand which people are more likely to get certain types of cancer. They also study the things we do and the things around us to see if they cause cancer. This information helps doctors recommend who should be screened for cancer, which screening tests should be used, and how often the tests should be done. It is important to remember that your doctor does not necessarily think you have cancer if he or she suggests a screening test. Screening tests are given when you have no cancer symptoms. Screening tests may be repeated on a regular basis.
Community Health Status Indicators Report
  he goal of Community Health Status Indicators (CHSI) is to provide an overview of key health indicators for local communities and to encourage dialogue about actions that can be taken to improve a community’s health.
Consensus Builds For Universal HIV Testing
  Everybody needs an HIV test, at least once. That's the verdict from the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force, which has just joined the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and a scrum of professional medical societies in calling for universal testing for the virus that causes AIDS. Teenagers and adults (ages 15 to 65) should get screened for HIV, the guidelines say, with retesting at least once a year for people at higher risk of infection, including men who have sex with men and people who use IV drugs.
Consumer Rights and Protections
  End to Pre-Existing Condition Discrimination: Insurance companies can no longer deny coverage to children because of a pre-existing condition like asthma and diabetes, providing peace of mind for parents of the more than 17.6 million children with pre-existing conditions. Starting in 2014, no American can be discriminated against due to a pre-existing condition. End to Limits on Care: In the past, some people with cancer or other chronic illnesses ran out of insurance coverage because their health care expenses reached a dollar limit imposed by their insurance company. Under the health care law, insurers can no longer impose lifetime dollar limits on essential health benefits and annual limits are being phased out by 2014. More than 105 million Americans no longer have lifetime limits thanks to the new law. End to Coverage Cancellations: Insurance companies can no longer drop your coverage when you get sick due to a mistake you made on your application.
Coweta County Free Cancer Screeings: Women and Men (America Cancer Society)
  Free Cancer Screening Tests: 1-800-227-2345 American Cancer Society ask for the nearest center in your area or go to For Coweta County, Call 770-254-7400 for the Breast, Cervical, and Prostate test. Funded by the American Cancer Society Pass it on....Helping individuals with Health Promotion and Education Margie Parham
Cucumber Salmonella Recall by FDA
  Cucumbers and Salmonella are an unusual pair, but a North Carolina produce company has recalled 1,590 bulk cartons of the vegetables in a development that merits a mention here. No illnesses have been linked to the potentially contaminated cukes, but the recall is something for people to be aware of in New York, Florida, Illinois, Indiana, Tennessee, Mississippi, Nebraska, Texas and Wyoming.
Cultural Competency: Clinician Role with HIV/AIDS Care
  ...Health care providers themselves may hold biases that can become barriers to care.
Death Risk for Marathoners Remains Low During or Soon After Race
  Even though hundreds of thousands more people finished grueling 26.2 mile marathons in the United States in 2009 compared to a decade earlier, a runner’s risk of dying during or soon after the race has remained very low — about .75 per 100,000, new Johns Hopkins research suggests. Men, however, were twice as likely to die as women.
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