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Human Journey
  Human Genome Project: Take the human journey
Japan plans to take over remote islands will not be a easy battle...The search for owners was started in August last year by the Headquarters for Ocean Policy, led by Prime Minister Shinzo Abe. About 50 of the islands are inhabited and about 350 uninhabited. Owners of about 70 uninhabited islands have been tracked down. However, it remains unknown whether 280 islands have owners.
Largest Unmarked Slave Cemetery: African Americans Connecting your Roots in Newnan, Georgia Genealogical
  The "Farmer Street Cemetery" is the largest slave cemetery in the south, and may be the largest undisturbed in the Nation. It is in the city limits of Newnan and was recently cleaned up again in August and September 2011.
Medicare Bills Rise as Records Turn Electronic
  When the federal government began providing billions of dollars in incentives to push hospitals and physicians to use electronic medical and billing records, the goal was not only to improve efficiency and patient safety, but also to reduce health care costs.
Open 4 Definitions: Ray Helton, Author
  People think with definitions; few think about definitions and their all-but-hidden promise. Resources include original material along with supporting visuals to clarify how Members can both benefit and use definitions to open eyes!
Peace Palace: The Hague Netherlands International Court of Justice (ICJ)
  The International Court of Justice (ICJ)major organ of the United Nations (UN) formulated in June 1945 and initialized as a active platform in April 1946.
POSDOC Fellowships
  The Scientist best places to work.
Sustainocene: Harvard Leads a New Epoch for Humankind | Harvard Thinks Green 2012
  Sustaining Humans, Awareness. Where do we go from here with creating new energy for increasing populations? Solar and Water Energy Combination/Integrated Synthesis
The Big Bang to Human
  Energy creation from the Universe/Multiverse
Trends in Genetics
  Find your way of understanding the developments in genetics. Remove the media influences and take a moment to connect to the words with understanding, one word at a time transforming humans globally. You be the judge.
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